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As part of the "Fighting Hepatitis Alliance" 3 workshops will be held during the course of our programmes.

  • 1rst Workshop at Institut Pasteur du Moroc
    Casablanca 25-27th November 2011


  • 2nd Workshop at Institut Pasteur de Tunis
    Tunis 11-23rd June 2012
    "Clinical Epidemiology and Biomarker Discovery Workshop"
    (detailed programme here)


  • 3rd Workshop
    To be held in Cairo December 2012

Scientist Exchange

In addition to the 3 workshops numerous scientific exchanges are taking place between the different SPHINX partners to facilitate collaborative research and knowledge exchange between northern and southern partners.

SPHINX-HepaCute joint workshop EASL conference, London April 9th 2014


Sphinx researchers to translate biomarker discoveries onto point of care technologies in new FP7 project, PoC-HCV

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