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SPHINX Clinical Epidemiology and Biomarker Discovery Workshop Institut Pasteur, Tunis

11-13 June Didatic Lectures


Virology & Molecular Biology

- Molecular Biology Tools and its Application

- Molecular Tools for Diagnosis and Surveillance

- Sequencing of viral genomes for diagnostic and molecular epidemiological studies of viral diseases



- Immune cell interactions

- Metabolic and Immune interactions

- Chemokines and Cytokines



- Principles of Epidemiology

- Biostatistical Approaches

- Sample & Database Management

14-15 June Guest lectures from SPHINX researchers

Prof Matthew Albert Institut Pasteur Paris

Dr Mona Rafik Ain Shams University

Dr Helen Strick-Marchand Institut Pasteur Paris

Dr Mohamed Abdel-Hamid LDRU/GOTHI

Dr Thomas Joos NMI/EDI

Dr Marit Van Buuren NKI

Dr Arnaud Fontanet Institut Pasteur Paris

Prof Gamal Esmat LDRU/GOTHI

Dr Laurent Abel INSERM

Prof Vincenzo Barnaba Roma Universtat

Special Guest Lecture

Dr Gerd Michel FIND Diagnostics

18-22 June

Practical Component - Identification and Analysis of HBV Biomarkers


Flow Cytometry

  • Basic flow cytometry principles
  • Preparation of cells and antibody mixes for staining
  • Compensation techniques
  • Identification of different cell populations (Lymphocytes/innate cells)
  • Quantification of different cell populations (Fluorescent beads)
  • Characterisation of surface markers
  • Importance of cell viability (Dead cell marker)
  • Analysis steps (FlowJo software)

Luminex Technologies

  • Introdction to Luminex technologies
  • Preparation of samples and kit
  • Running of plate
  • Data analysis


Data Analysis

Biostatistical Approaches

Hypothesis Testing and Interpretation


Tunis Fri night

Tunis last day



SPHINX-HepaCute joint workshop EASL conference, London April 9th 2014


Sphinx researchers to translate biomarker discoveries onto point of care technologies in new FP7 project, PoC-HCV

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