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Our consortium is composed of ten partners institutions from Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands
and Tunisia.


Institut Pasteur (IP)

Institut National de la Santé
et de la Recherche Médicale
Natural and Medical
Sciences Institute at the
University of Tuebingen (NMI)


Fondazione Andrea Cesalpino

Institut Pasteur de Tunis

Fever Hospitals
Ministry of Health (MOH)

7-logo_fom 8-logo_nki 9-logo_edi
Ain Shams University-Faculty
of Medicine (ASU-FM)
Netherlands Cancer Institute
§ Diagnostische
Immunologie GmbH (EDI)



General Organisation
for Teaching Hospitals
and Institutes (GOTHI)
Liver Disease Research Unit (LDRU)

The scientists behind

Institut Pasteur
photos_partners_01    Dr. Matthew Albert is an INSERM director of research working at Institut Pasteur, where he heads a mixed INSERM / Pasteur Unit. His current positions also include Director of The Center for Human Immunology at Institut Pasteur. He received his M.D. at Cornell University and his Ph.D. in Immunology at The Rockefeller University, under the direction of Drs. Darnell and Steinman. He trained in Clinical Pathology at The New York Presbyterian Hospital. Among the numerous awards, he has received the The Doris Duke Clinical Scientist Award, EURYI and The ERC Young Investigator Starting Award as part of FP7.

Institut Pasteur
photos_partners_05 Arnaud Fontanet is a medical epidemiologist specialized in infectious diseases epidemiology. After working at WHO on HIV/AIDS, and spending three years in Thailand and five years in Ethiopia doing research on malaria and HIV, Arnaud Fontanet joined the Institut Pasteur in Paris in 2002 and started the Emerging Diseases Epidemiology unit.  There, he coordinated the EC EPISARS project which aimed prevent the re-emergence of SARS through the control of its animal reservoir, and he initiated a large collaborative research project on hepatitis C in Egypt. Arnaud Fontanet is also very much involved in teaching epidemiology, and is co-Director of the Pasteur-CNAM School of Public Health.

Netherlands Cancer Institute
photos_partners_09 Ton NM Schumacher is Senior Member of The Netherlands Cancer Institute and Professor of Immunotechnology at Leiden University. In addition, he is chairman of the Netherlands Cancer Institute Staff Council and Board Member of the Amsterdam Biotherapeutics facility. He received his Ph.D. (with honors) from the University of Amsterdam, was affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Whitehead Institute as a Howard Hughes Fellow. He is recipient of a Pioneer award and lead scientist of the EU FP6 program ATTACK.

University of Rome
photos_partners_12 Vincenzo Barnaba graduated cum laude in Medicine from the University of Rome and is currently heading the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Immunology at FAC. He is considered a leader in the field of HCV and sits on several Editorial Boards including J Hepatology and Hepatology.

photos_partners_27 Laurent Abel is co-director of the “Laboratory of human genetics of infectious diseases,” and will be in charge of the human genetics studies of the project as leader of WP4. This part includes the coordination of the genotyping process for the samples, and all the genetic epidemiology analyses investigating the association of the HCV infection phenotypes with the genotyped SNPs. The high-throughput genotyping will be conducted in collaboration with genotyping platforms. In addition, LA will participate in the proposed summer school (WP5).

ASU - Immunology Department
photos_partners_14 Prof Mona Rafik has been a member of the clinical pathology staff since she graduated from the Ain Shams University Medical school more than 20 years ago. She is now Head of the Immunology Department at ASU. She has teaching as well as research responsibility supervising PhD students at ASU-FM.

photos_partners_13 Mostafa K. Mohamed is a professor of epidemiology specialised in occupational, environmental and infectious diseases epidemiology. He trained at the University of Washington in Seattle, where he obtained his PhD in 1986. Since 1994 he has focused his research activities on HCV studies and was appointed a member of the national committee for the prevention of viral hepatitis. He has led all the epidemiological studies at the LDRU since 1997 and he coordinated the EC FP5 project in Egypt.

gamalesmat Prof. Gamal Esmat, Professor in Hepatology at Cairo University, currently the president of the international association of the study of the liver (IASL) is the clinical team leader in the LDRU. He is the principal investigator for all clinical trials carried out at the LDRU. He is in charge of the national treatment program of HCV and HBV in Egypt, carried out in 20 treatment centres at ministry of health facilities all over Egypt, currently treating more than 70.000 Egyptian patients.

photos_partners_21 Prof. Mohammed Abdel-Hamid is a medical doctor specialized in molecular virology and Professor at Minia University. He obtained his PhD in virology from the University of Maryland (USA) and is now heading the Viral Hepatitis Reference Laboratory (VHRL) at the LDRU.

photos_partners_26 Dr. Thomas Joos will serve as head of WP2. He studied biochemistry at the University of Tuebingen, Germany. Dr. Joos joined EDI in April 2008 in a part time position, where he is involved in assay development of multiplexed sandwich immunoassays and sample screening projects. Dr. Joos has still his academic position as the head of the Biochemistry Department at the NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen.

Dr Zeinab Hedaya MD, PhD is a graduate of Ain Shams Medical School and heads the fever hospital administration with research interests in surveillance of infectious diseases, particularly viral hepatitis. She is a public health specialist and trained in Field epidemiology. She participated in the 2 national surveys on HCV in 1996 and 2002.

Institut Pasteur Tunis
photos_partners_30 Olfa Bahri is an associate professor of Virology in the Laboratory of Virology (IPT) with a long experience on viral hepatitis. Her main interest is on molecular diagnosis and epidemiology. She has a long collaboration with the epidemiology team at IPT and considerable experience in project management and organization of seminar and training programs.

NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute
photos_partners_32 Dr. Nicole Schneiderhan-Marra studied biochemistry at the University of Tuebingen, Germany. Dr. Schneiderhan-Marra has a position as a project leader at the NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen. She is responsible for the management of industrial and public granted project within the field of protein microarray technologies.


SPHINX-HepaCute joint workshop EASL conference, London April 9th 2014


Sphinx researchers to translate biomarker discoveries onto point of care technologies in new FP7 project, PoC-HCV

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